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Black Pipe & Fittings
Covers & Collars
Custom Boxes
Duct & Duct Fittings
Flex & Flex Fittings
Oval Pipe & Fittings
Pipe, Elbows & Angles
Reducers & Increasers
Register Boots
Twist in Collars
Take Offs
Utility Vents
Wall Stack & Stack Fittings
Wyes & Tees

  Rectangular Duct
Flat Duct Angle
Flat Duct Elbow w/Rount Throat
Flat Duct Elbow w/Square Throat
SBSC Standing Bar "S" Cleat
"s" Cleat 10" - 96"
Drive Cleat 12", 36", 60"
Single End Drive Cleat
Double End Drive Cleat
Trunk Reducer
Vertical Duct Angle
Vertical Duct Elbow w/Round Throat
Vertical Duct Elbow w/Square Throat
Trunk Adapter (reducer)
Duct End Caps
Duct Transition
Trunk Tap Starting Collar
Duct Starting Collar
Reducing Starting Collar
Cold Air Boot
Cold Air Drop Kit
20 Series Dyna-Flex Class 1 U.L.
40 Series Foil-FLex Class 1 U.L.
Insulation Sleeve
Flex Connector
12F4 Flex Starting Collar
12WD Flex Starting Collar w/Damper
  Tee Cover w/Crimp
Tee Cover No Crimp
"A" Staring Collar w/Crimp
"B" Starting Collar No Crimp
Oval Pipe
Oval Vertical Elbow
Oval Flat Elbow
Oval Vertical Angle
Oval Flat Angle
Oval Staring Collar
Square To Oval Adapter
90 Oval Box
45 Oval Box
Round to Oval Tapered Boot
Oval to Round Tapered Boot
Round To Oval 90 Boot
Oval to Round 90 Boot
Round To Oval 45 Boot
Oval End Boot
Round To Oval Straight Boot
Oval Reverse Boot
Style "A" Oval Stackhead
Style "B" Oval Stackhead
Double End Oval Stackhead
Thin Wall Stackhead
Gauges Available STD. 30, 28, 26, and 24
2-Piece Plenum
4-Piece Plenum
Adjustable Plenum
  Tapered Reducer w/Crimp
Tapered Reducer No Crimp
Tapered Increaser w/Crimp
Short Way Reducer w/crimp
Short Way Reducer No crimp
Short Way Increaser with crimp
Elbow Boot
Center End Boot
Basement Head
Straight Boot
Elbow Boot with Rails
Register Pan
Deep Blind Box
Left End Boot
Right End Boot
Top Ceiling Box
Side Celing Box
Perimeter Register Saddle
  PTC Plain Twist In Collar
DTC Twist In Collar w/Damper
ETC Twist In Collar w/Extractor
DETC Twist In Collar w/Damper/Extractor
D-PTC Plain Ductboard Twist In Collar
D-DTC Ductboard Twist In Collar w/Damper
D-ETC Ductboard Twist In Collar w/Extractor
D-DETC Ductboard Twist In Collar w/Damper/Extractor
ATP Air Tite Fitting
ATD Aire Tite Fitting w/Damper
ATS Aire Tite Fitting w/Scoop
ATSD Aire Tite Fitting w/Scoup/Damper
Ductboard Starting COllar
Ductboard Starting Collar
Round To Round Tapered
Adjustable Telescopic Round to Round
Adjustable Round to Round
Square to Round
Side Takeoff
Adjustable Square to Round
Square to Round w/Ductboard Tabs
Side With Adjustable Collar
Top With Adjustable Collar
Double Top Takeoff
Plenum Takeoff
  EQ-1 4" Dryver Vent
Fresh Aire Exhaust Vent
Aire Deflector
4" Nylon Worm Gear Clamps
Economy Vent
Fresh Air Instake
Vinyl Flexible Dryer Vent Hose
Wall Stack 24" to 120"
Style "A" Stackhead wo/ears
Style "B" Stackhead w/ears
Style "C" Double Stackhead
Center End Stack Boot
Horizontal Stackhead
Projection Stackhead
Straight Stack Boot
Elbow Stack Boot
Flat Angle
Flat Elbow
Left End Stack Boot
Right End Stack Boot
End Cap
Starting Collar
  Wye Branch
Saddle Tee
Tee Reducing
Tee Trunk End
Tee Straight THru
Large Tee 14" and Larger
24" Pipe and more...
Black Tee
Black Reducer
Black Tee Cap
Black Trim Collar
C-17 Cast Iron Dampers